About the Owner




“Dress up .... just Because” 

- The Staples Showroom 

From Shopper to Stylist, it all began with a vision. The Staples showroom is an international affordable luxury brand.  Developing a passion for luxury at a young age, Shameeka knew it was a part of her destiny to create her own fashion collection. During her early teen years shameeka would mix and match her friend's unique style. Samuels became obsessed with the architecture of clothing and her  love for fashion was born. 

Becoming the CEO of her first boutique in 2007 “My Secret Treasures “ Shameeka began to see her statement piece on media moguls and in markets across the world. For two years the boutique ran full employment boutiques in Manhattan and Brooklyn, New York. 

Four years into developing her brand,Samuels noticed that it would take more to see her clients' style and vision come to life and decided to  advance into a full service boutique embedded in having beautiful quality pieces, thus, The Staples showroom emerged .

Full time employee, full time business owner and full time mom - Shameeka realized that  quality was the top calling of her brand. “helping women build the wardrobe with long lasting Staples and exclusive” is a quote Shameeka lives by. 

Samuels has devolved in helping others build confidence within themselves through the art of clothing. In doing so, she has been heard on media outlets such as iheart radio, pandora, spotify and featured in countless of magazine across the world,  

2020 The Staples Showroom was born under a new name. This umbrella of Samules business was created  to provide the ladies with pieces they need, want and desire.