Why was The Staples Showroom Created

Why was The Staples Showroom Created

Hey Sis,

Happy Sunday, as I wait for Online Services to start I decided to write my first blog here. Eventually I will connect my Wordpress Blog page here.

The Staples Showroom was created to better serve my clients Needs as far as building out their Staples Wardrobe.

During My Secret Treasures Boutique Era, clients  reached out to me for personal styling and particular pieces that were missing from their wardrobes. Clients would also reach out for last minute outfits for particular events.

Lots of emergencies during My Secret Treasures Boutique's time.

What were missing were Essentials, Staples and Impulsive Pieces. So I decided to Re-Launch as The Staples Showroom providing those pieces for the ladies.

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